bok is a simple static site generator implemented as a command line tool in Deno. It converts Markdown (CommonMark specification) files to HTML files via Javascript Template Literals. Main use cases for bok are personal blogs, documentation sites, etc.

It comes with a theme for creating HTML books from Markdown.


  • Simple and minimal API
  • Supports Markdown (with Front-matter)
  • Vanilla JS Templating (or bring your own templating system and invoke it via Javascript)
  • Easily extendable
  • Auto-refresh browser client on file change
  • Book Theme


In the beginning, all you want is results.

In the end, all you want is control.

markBook single purpose is to transform Markdown documents to HTML documents. As such, it should be easy for someone to download markBook, run a command, and get quickly from Markdown to a presentable HTML document. Later, if the user wants to extend his HTML somehow, there shouldn't be tons of configuration necessary for him to read.

  • Explicit over implicit
  • Keep the core small
  • Use plugins to extend behavior
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